eCommerce Store Design

In today’s market, having an online store is an essential need to generate the required exposure for their services and/or products. People around the world have turned to the internet in order to easily find all the things they need, from groceries, clothes, gifts, all the way up to cars and even the house of their dreams. For that reason, having an online store to promote and sell your products and services is a ‘must’ in modern business.

We offer several options to help you get your business online with an incredible looking eCommerce website that will showcase your products and services on a high-end platform, and will offer you the ease to control your business from the comfort of your home, or simply expand your already existent offline business to a whole new level.

Some of the most popular options we can offer you:


WooCommerce is a plugin that transforms your WordPress site into a shinning online store. It is extremely easy to use and maintain and it offers an amazing range of third-party plugins to expand the looks and functionality of your store beyond the limits of your imagination.

This is why WooCommerce has become a leading eCommerce platform during the last few years, and make no mistake, regardless of how easy it is to install and maintain, WooCommerce remains a very professional and solid platform to establish and support your online business.


Shopify has been increasingly taking over an important share of the eCommerce market and is not without a reason. Shopify is an extremely solid and specialised eCommerce platform that not only allows you to sell your products through your eStore, but it also allows you to sell via a physical store, and everything from a single system that controls your stock, pricing, descriptions… everything! from one single place.

Shopify shines when it comes to multi-channel integration, offering several options that allow you to sell directly via your eCommerce site, social media sites like Facebook, and even a physical store around the corner, and it doesn’t matter what you sell or where you sell it, Shopify’s system will keep track of your stock from a centralised administration system and database.

All these advantages come with a small sacrifice though; unlike WooCommerce, Shopify requires you to make monthly payments to keep your store running.

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